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The club supports three repeaters on three different bands. 

145.35, (-) offset, 100.0 Hz encode tone, on 2 meters. 

444.175, (+) offset, 100.0 Hz encode tone, on 70 centimeters.  Echolink coming soon to the 444.175 repeater.

927.1875 (-) offset, 151.4 "Digital encode/decode tone", on 33 centimeters.  

The club is a small non-profit ham radio club based in Nampa, ID. The club motto is to promote the health and well being of those less fortunate through food drives, coffee breaks, etc. We also have activities such as ATV rides with picnics afterwards, fox hunts, etc, for our members and their families. We are also a member of SATERN:  (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network)


 K7LCD News


VE Testing

Now on summer vacation, will resume testing in Sept. 2016.

Please direct all questions to:

Jeremy Hall KB7QOA 208-800-0100

300 W Railroad St Nampa, Idaho 83651

VE testing is at the fire training building on the third saturday of month from 9:00 A.M. - Noon.

Please contact us thru the club e-mail.





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